IT Services


Organizations nowadays need to innovate and focus on their value creation. Whether you are a small or large enterprise,
Target Telecom will help you through its outsourcing services portfolio to keep you ready offloading your IT operations,
improve efficiency and reduce cost through our services:–

  • IT Consultancy
  • IT Outsourcing
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network and Security
  • IT Remote Support
  • Wi-Fi and Internet Solutions


Low Current Systems


Target Telecom Co. sourcing house that specializes is in the supply of communication products and Integrated Security systems. Our area of expertise covered Designing, supplying, installation, maintenance for all low current systems:

  1. Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)
  2. CCTV Systems
  3. Access Control
  4. Fire Alarm
  5. Sound Systems
  6. Public Address
  7. Intercom
  8. Intrusion Detection
  9. Fingerprint
  10. Home Automation
  11. Barriers
  12. Networks : (LAN/WAN – TCP/IP – Microwave)

Network Infrastructure


We installs LANs (Local Area Networks), designed to cover limited geographical areas (thousands of square meters), such as a building or a housing / business complex.

LANs are characterized by high bandwidth and low latency. Via a LAN, computers connected to the network can make use of remote resources and services available on the same network, such as: locating and copying files, sending files to printers, running applications over multiple computers and more.

At Target Telecom, we specialize in everything to do with organizational communication networks, from planning to installation and maintenance, helping computers, printers, servers and IP-based devices benefit from the network. All of our networks are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients:

– Copper-based LAN – a network effective in ranges up to 100 m.

– Fiber-Optic based LAN – variable range effectiveness, from hundreds of meters to kilometers.

Home Automation


A wireless home automation system can be life-changing. Therefore, using it can make your existence much easier because it allows any user to control an electrical device from your smartphone.

The most frequently used technologies in the wireless home automation system are Wi-Fi and Z-Wave, it has a lot of benefits:

  • safety by giving you the possibility to install all those security systems,
  • convenience, making your life easier
  • savings of energy and money
  • highly customizable
  • easy to install

Whether you choose to use it or not, the smart home industry is in full development, so before investing in a home automation system, make sure you find the right one for yourself.