PABX System

Target Telecom offers wide-ranging
integrated communications systems
for both SMBs and large enterprises.

Provided Services

PABX Installations

Provided PABX Solution include the traditional PABX and Voice over IP ones.
Target Telecom has accomplished many successful projects in this field Like :

New Capital Airport, Banha University, Faculty of Arts Helwan university, EMEC, The International School of Choueifat – Cairo, Italy Hospital, Zohor Club.

We also build the infrastructure for telephone networks as well.

PABX Products

Target Telecom provides many PABX solutions like Panasonic , Mitel and Grandstream ,SELTA PABX in Egypt.

SELTA is of the leading companies in telecommunication solutions in Italy, and provides one of the most reliable PABXs which is suitable for any environments including oil and Gas Like IPX, SAMOffice 8 and SAM4000.

PABX Maintenance

Our services don’t stop at supplying and installing new PABXs but also include maintenance service and spare parts for those PABXs, we provide periodic maintenance (preventive and corrective) too.
You can easily connect many sites together and they act as one.