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CCTV Installations

– Analogue Surveillance system:  it is a traditional system in which the analogue signal is used to transmit the video stream between camera and DVR (digital video recorder) over coaxial cable, this method offers cheaper price but there is no scalability or flexibility, it uses special cables (coaxial and power cables).
– IP Surveillance system: typically, it uses IP packet to transmit the video stream between the camera and the NVR (network video recorder) over LAN or WAN network, in this system the CATx cables and or fiber cables are used for connection , the IP system offers higher scalability and flexibility than the analogue one but its cost is higher.
Target Telecom delivers both systems for small and large business in high efficiency.

Digital CCTV

For high quality CCTV installations with us, We have carried out CCTV installations at a number of different businesses, including councils, post offices, race courses, schools, supermarkets, retail environments and many more – take a look at our customer testimonials to find out what our clients think about our work.

CCTV Maintenance

Keeping your surveillance equipment fully operational is the best way to ensure that your home or business remains protected. with “Target-telecom “
Highly experienced team to guide & assist your requirements. No high pressure sales
Our surveyor will visit your premises and discuss your needs
Latest equipment to protect your property
Full installation & maintenance service from our own engineers

The Latest Technology in CCTV

Vast range of formats – better, smaller cameras
High definition imagery
Quick & easy to install
Remote monitoring