About Us

was established in 2001, it is a limited liability company, shared and directed by a group of well experienced engineers, under whom contracts were concluded successfully in a wide range of diversified fields such as communication, and integrated security systems. It is specialized in Network Infrastructure, IT services, PABX, CCTV and all light current systems.


 1) Voice communication department: As a manner fact TARGET Telecom Co. has been basically started as Mitel Networks Corporation local distributor since 2001, now this department is performing selling, installing and maintaining a wide range of brands:
– Panasonic
– Siemens


Our Products are divided into the following ranges:


Traditional PBX: Which include small capacity, medium capacity and large capacity digital switches, which could produce up to 4000 lines, which considerably provide one of the leading edge of digital switching techniques used in this era.

IP telephony solutions: Which is considered the leading edge of IP technology that is applicable for both small business solutions and enterprise solutions.

Voice communication Department is divided into 3 divisions:


#1 Sales division: we were able to sell several kinds and brands of switches all over the country (Selta, Mitel, Panasonic, Siemens).

#2 Installation division: we perform installation of the switches sold by our company and verifying its functionality and operation.

#3 Maintenance and technical support division: we are providing maintenance programs and repair services (in our workshop) for our customers all over the country.


2) Telephone and Data networks division: Target Telecom is a market leader in the designing and executing complete telephone and data networks. In the last three years Telecom Co. accomplished, by a staff of highly qualified engineers and technicians, more than 20 projects in the new cities. This team is headed by Professional experts, they have several years experience in managing the overall activities of the telephone network. Telecom Co. has the facility to extend number of employees and the equipment as per projects requirements.


3) Integrated Security Solutions: Telecom Co. is a subcontractor for Honeywell Egypt Co. in the field of installations such as audio, voice communication, visual and security systems, beside tailored solutions based on customer requirements. In the last few years Telecom Co. has successfully shared in the designing and building of some projects for many Egyptian costumers as Arabian Petroleum pipeline Company (SUMED).


Our Strategy:


In implementing our strategy, we are resolutely focused on serving the unique needs of our customers.

We provide a world-class service with the personal touch of a local supplier.

We focus on after sales and maintenance, these two factors are our main tools for customer satisfaction.


Our Values:


#1 Commitment – Dedication to your colleagues and tasks to overcome challenges and achieve results.

#2 Excellence – Going above and beyond what is expected to achieve success.

#3 Innovation – Thinking outside the box to create new ways and methods to complete tasks, achieving expectations.

#4 Integrity – Trust and honesty. Living our values in our work and relationships.

#5 Teamwork – Collaborating with colleagues, sharing responsibilities and tasks to achieve goals together.